I left St Lo early hoping to catch a train at 7:00 am, which was a little confusing as it turned out to be a bus and there were several buses and mine was the last to arrive, the guard was helpful in all this. Not sure if the bus was the usual method or it is because of the works on the track around Follingy, that said I got the train from Granville direct to Paris no problem.

I booked into my hotel which was a little confusing as online it is Hotel Marmotte and it is actually a “Hotel Inn” “Resto Novo” and signposted as such, this is about 10-15 minute walk to the left roughly south and uphill from the station, not the best site if you want the town but I need the exercise. This was probably the smartest place I was to stay in if a little cramped but all I needed was a comfortable and quiet place to sleep and this was ideal it also had a supermarket nearby which I found on my last of two nights, finding somewhere to eat was not so easy as many places were closed for food in the evening unless you wanted a pizza or kebab and I had not gone to France to sample either! I ended up eating next to the casino which was okay, although I could have done with a slightly bigger portion.

I had visited the graveyard pictured above some years back and not came across anything of interest other than a Riotteau tomb that I had dismissed as being to grand to be a family connection, this was wrong as my cousin’s research shows the family coming from the mid south of France to Granville & St Pierre-Miquelon so there were very few Riotteau’s in Granville but very wealthy and my great aunt married Charles Riotteau, well nine graves down from the entrance I came across not one but two Jouault graves, not sure how I missed them on my previous visit, not long after I found another in the next aisle up which was for Le Maitre & Jouault with Thomas Edouard (I presume Le Maitre) 1880 – 1962. With this new information I asked the helpful graveyard warden for any information and he told me to go to the Mairie, in France the town hall is obliged to give you your family records,  on my entering the town hall I was immediately directed to the lady who oversees the graveyards and she was extremely helpful in looking up the ownership of the graves and any other details in the log book. She also gave me copies of the death certificates of Louis Jouault (even though I had given her the wrong year), that of Ernest Jouault 1849 – 1910 and his wife Isabel Fremin 1863-1920.

I also found some Auguste La Croix 1847 Jersey – 1890  whom I am distantly connected to, his parents and siblings settled in Brighton, Sussex, Auguste was making his living at St Pierre-Miquelon at the time of his death.

Pictured above is the cemetery the other side of town not far from where I was staying the name of which I did not note. as you can see the cemetries in France are well maintained, managed, and regularly visited. It is a shame that here the Parish of St Helier here in Jersey have let the upkeep and management of their cemetries decline.

Some French information on Notre Dame cemetery and those of note within: http://www.landrucimetieres.fr/spip/spip.php?article3656