Notes on Polish in Jersey Saturday, Apr 5 2014 

Polish Festival 2005

Polish Festival 2005


The following is a list of Polish people that lived in Jersey:

O kształceniu Serca

O kształceniu Serca

Felix (Feliks) Nowosielsk 1800-1864 died London, he fought with distinction in the November Uprising 1830-31, and was awarded Polands highest military award the Order of Military Virtue. The Russian Tsar published an order which named Nowosielski, and was sentenced to death by hanging on the gallows or exile forever from the Polish Kingdom. Whilst in Jersey Felix wrote and published in 1853 O kształceniu Serca


 List of Poscrits in Jersey:  Lud. Kordecki, Joachim Leiewel, Roch Rupnienshi, Zeno Swietolawski, K. Balinskiegu, Tchozeswki

1841 census

John Dzierbinski 35 living Chapel lane with Nico Rupniewski. 1851 age 54, refugee, living Havre des Pas

Nico (Nicodemus) Rupniewski 35 took part in the November Uprising brother of Roch (see below), October 1836 recorded as an alien arriving at Southampton from Jersey with a fellow Pole Kisiel, he died in Poland 1878.

Amb Smolinski 30 living Chapel Lane, only noted as from foreign parts but presuming his name and associated with those above make him possibly Polish.


Francis Badet 48, living in St Peter, servant to Abraham Asplet

Anthony Bernstroff 53, Polish Officer (1871 – Government Annutant)
Living in the same house in Trinity were Joseph Malerewski 54, and Joseph Malerewski 42 also Polish Officers. 1871 Old St John’s Road Joseph Malczeweski age 71.

Ignotio Butkousis 51, Trinity Road, St Helier, visitor

John Dzuabanski 54, refugee, living Havre des Pas
Rebecca Elias R 64, living with her nephew Saul Samuels, Parade Place
Juda Harris 65, general dealer, living Hosiptal/Workhouse
Rachael Harris 64 Hawker, living Cheapside with sons Israel (born England), Henry and Solomon
Charles Janierviez 51 born Poland, Major in Polish Army and Elizabeth Janierviez 38 born England. Living “Belle Vue”, St Saviour
Florian Mikulowski 46, annuitant, living Philip Street

George Mikulowski 43, Refugee, Major in Polish Army wife Emilie Fauchet ? born Paris, sons Emile 9 born France, Edward 6 born Jersey. Living at 19 Belmont Road. 1861 German Professor, living still at 19 Belmont Road, described himself “an honest exile who is obliged to work due to the weight of immense misfortune” and one of the first photographers in Jersey, eventually ran Hotel de L’Europe, Mulcaster Street (1)

John Michelowski 49 also 1861 & 1871 census Visitor Immigrant, in house of John De Gruchy 44 New Street.

Heres Neaton 52 and his wife Esther both hawking Jewellery, living 2 Philip Street

John Newman 36. living Conway Street

Auguste Ruashicrofiege 65 exile, visitor – “Priscilla Cottage” Poonah Road

Roch Rupinieski 47 Refugee, living as a lodger with Mrs Jane Warren near or at “Belle Vue” (neighbour Charles Janierviez), took part in the November Uprising and awarded the Military Cross of Virtue. 1861 & 1871 census has him living at Mount Pleasant, Liverpool with widow Jane Warren of Jersey, died in Liverpool 1876.

J Ryoski 24 Pastry Cook, 3 Snow Hill

Saul Samuels 31, with English wife Hannah 26, and children Joel, Tobias, and Selina, living Parade Place, dealer in Jewellery and Hardware.

Grave of Albert Schmitt Almorah Cemetery

Grave of Albert Schmitt Almorah Cemetery

Albert Schmitt 52 (also on 1871 age 62?) Will in Jersey Archive left money to Polish Institute in Paris. Refugee 69 Stopford Road – Clement Le Sueur, also Hospital bienfaiteur for the sum of £20

1861 census

Anthony Bernsdorff 61, former army officer, Victoria Village

Julian Besnaski 57, refugee, inmate General Hospital/Workhouse

Louis R De Monte Drury 32, M.D. not practicing, Beaumont, St Lawrence, 1871 Ludvig R Drury, born Russia, British subject, Ship Chandler, living in Kingston upon Hull

Israel Harris 75, Merchant, widower, boarding at 1 Colomberie Cottage

Charles Jancewiez 66, Army Major, living with his English wife Elizabeth 50, at 13 Clarence Road

Joseph Malezewski 61, Officer in the Polish Army, Victoria Village, 1881 Joseph Malezewski 81 Polish refugee, 3 Old Street, St Helier, 1891 census Joseph Mabzeulki age 91, pensioner

Susan Nathan 62, Shop Assistant, living Pier Road with nephew John Corbel 24, born Cape of Good Hope

Joseph Nowakouski 50, Officer Polish Army, 1881 70, Joseph Nowakouski exile, ex military, Victoria Village, Trinity

Isaac Samuels 68, widower and visitor at Oxford Cottage, Oxford Road

Moses Samuels 29, Pharmacist, wife Rachael 29 English, living 9 Broad Street

Albert Schmitt 57, living Green Street, in exile since 1831

Theophile Tzdebski 50, Military Officer, living Don Road

John Sobolewski 60, Polish Refugee Maupertuis, St Clement, 1881 John Sobolewski 80, retired Army Officer, boarder Maupertuis Road, St Clement

Martin Szymanowsky 59, Captain in the 10th regiment of the Polish Cavalary, 39 Parade, 1871 Marchin Szymanowsky 69 Refugee, Captain in the Polish Cavalry. 39 Parade Place

Jacob Wolf 60, widower, traveller, living 26 Hue Street

1871 Census

Anthony Bernsterft 70, living Trinity, Government annuitant

George Bolheron born 1798, living “Rose Cottage” St Saviour

Alexandre Breanski living St Martin, annuitant

Jean Michalowski born living Cheapside, St Helier, born 1791, annuitant

Alexander Holinski 54 born Warsaw. Annutant. Merinda 38 daugher?, born Suffolk, son Anthony 10, born Paris. Boarding House David Place

Charles Malawski

Charles Malawski

Charles Malawski, Inn Keeper age 60, with Rosalie Malawski (Nee Parish) age 36 born France and Jules S Malawski age 8 born Jersey.

Joseph Malczeweski age 71. (same person on 1851?)

Marchin Szymanowsky 69 Refugee, Captain in the Polish Cavalry. 39 Parade Place

1881 census

George De Bulharyn

George De Bulharyn

George De Bulharyn 82 Polish refugee, boarding at “Milton House” George Town, St Saviour
Jules Marylski 66, Gentleman, born Mazovic, Poland, wife Florence 35 (born Florence, Italy) (when she died she was buried at Almorah Cemetery, the body was exumed and buried at Mont Matre, Paris)

Joseph Nowakouski 70, exile, ex military, Victoria Village, Trinity

Adam Pistu 78, annuitant, lodger 36 Aquila Road

George Zerboni (Artist) 48, and wife Mary 45. 1891 living 1 Queen’s Road, 1901 living in a chalet

1891 census

Vanda C Mowerynski 37 and daughter Sophie 17 both born Poland, 3 more daughters, and a son born England living “Horizon View” St Aubin’s Road, St Helier. Appears in the 1911 census as Vanda Casimir 49 married, living at “Font Hill” St Saviour, daughter Haydee 24 born Poland, 3 daughters and a son all born Greenwich.

1911 census

Marks Rosebaum age 58, tailor, 30 Don Road, St Helier

Zeno Swietoslawski was born in Warsaw and was active through printing during his time in Jersey, there is an article of his works in the Bulletin of the Societe Jersiaise. I will do another post on him and his work.

On the 1851 census
Dorset Street
Zeno B 39
Julia G born Devon 29 his wife?
Raphael T 6 – Jersey
Adolphus J 4 – Jersey
Francis A 2 – Jersey
Julien E 9m – Jersey

1861 Zeno is in the Hospital/Workhouse

1871 Julia and Zeno (59) are still here with grandchildren

1881 in Liverpool we have Vessel:”Ullock”
Master AlexanderSwietoslaski  44, and married

Jersey Archives have the following:

1944 Zofia Jeziorna, 18 Gloucester Street, Polish National

Registration Card of Wanda Janik

Jersey Evening Post 1980

Polish artist Felix Topolski left the Island after a four day stay in which he completed 38 paintings, best known for his work for the Royal Family, he stayed with Mrs Sally Le Gallais.

Pictures of banners used during the 2005 Festival –

(1) Notes on George Mikulowski early Jersey photographer:



Esplanade Granite Arch and Le Gros Works Thursday, Sep 19 2013 

Jersey Granite Arch

Jersey Granite Arch

With the threat of the loss of the granite arch on the Esplande under the 6 storey glass monostrosity proposed by Dandara I thought it might be a good time to record some of the works of my Le Gros ancestors. The initials on the arch are PLS.(Le Sueur?)1674 inside  a shield. IN.CB on either side and another PLS, the left hand ones were added at a later date most likely when the area was part of the Le Gros works are T.C.L.G. 1879 which stand for Tom Charles Le Gros.

The first known Le Gros builder to me is Thomas Le Gros born in St Martin in 1797 and died in St Helier in 1881 he married Jane Nicolle 1799-1871 and they had six sons Tom Charles 1825-1885, Philip 1827-?, John 1831-1893 were involved with the building side. Tom lived at Raglan Place with his wife Jane Sohier, Philip appeared to have been involved in the quarrying side of the business, and John lived at Homestead, Vallee des Vaux and married 3 times to the following: Eliza Aubin 1831-1867, Mary Le Dain 1848-1879, and Eliza Renouf 1850-?

The following is a list of works that the family were involved in:

July 9th 1841 The contract for repairs to the head of Mont Orgeuil Harbour awarded to Thomas Le Gros for the sum of £196 sterling, this work was evaluated at £180, Mr Thompson was to be the surveyor

August 10th 1841 The building of the New South Pier (Victoria Harbour) contracted to Messrs. Thomas Le Gros and John Gruchy junior for the sum of £56,000 (the lowest bid), the estimated cost was £62,000

Laying of the foundation stone for Victoria Pier

Laying of the foundation stone for Victoria Pier

September 29th 1841 The laying of the foundation stone of the South Pier with a large crowd a salvo of 21 cannons, with another salvo of smaller cannons fired in the Royal Square. Mr Thompson the Inspector of Works presented the President of the States with a lead box containing the various reports, acts and documents pertaining to the harbour, with papers, almanacs, and coins of the time. A copper plaque was presented to the Chamber of Commerce listing the Committee members, a silver plaque was presented to the Mechanics Institute and Commercial Association. The States of Jersey had a copper plaque engraved listing the various dignitaries of the day and the various people involved in the building work.

Jan 14th 1843 Order from Her Majesties Council confirming States Act relating to the construction of the North Harbour of the new port of St Helier.

May 1843 Contract for the works on the New Port of Guernsey is signed, Messrs T.C. Le Gros and Philippe De La Mare accompanied by the backers Messrs Le Gros and Gallichan left for Guernsey and signed the contract for the sum of £43,843 and four pennies. The company started the work but concerns were raised regarding the speed at which the work was being taken and the contract was then given to an English firm to complete.

10th August 1846 South Pier finished Harbours vote sum of £120 to Mr Charles Thompson Inspector of Works

Visit by Queen Victoria 1846 by Philip Ouless

Visit by Queen Victoria 1846 by Philip Ouless

3rd September 1846 the landing of Queen Victoria the South Pier named after her in consequence of this.

1st March 1847 The building of the North Pier (Albert) contracted to Messrs Thomas Le Gros and francis De La Mare for the sum of £ 109,000

8th July 1853 North Pier finished, £120 voted to the Inspector of Works

13th August 1859 Landing of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, the North Pier named Albert Pier in consequence.

February 18th 1865 The building of the new Esplanade contracted to T.C. Le Gros and Company for the sum of £3,200

1868 T Le Gros and company in process of building the harbour at Sark

30th March 1872 T.C. Le Gros awarded work to build Bonne Nuit Harbour

28th April 1859 T.C. Le Gros part of the Committee set up to build the Masonic Lodge in Stopford Road.

Le Gros rebuilt the Hospital after the fire in 1859

Tom Charles was also a Procureur du Bien Public for the Parish of St Helier.

Philip Ouless 1817-1885 book of etchings of Queen Victoria’s 1846 visit to Jersey:

And by John Le Capelin 1812-1848:

Summary and pictures of Queen Victoria in Jersey:


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