Harvey Memorial

Harvey Memorial

Harvey Memorial erected by the Foresters with the names of the crew who also perished:

H.B. Harvey-Commander

J. Ockleford-Chief Mate

R. Cocks C. Marsham-Engineers

P. Richardson-Carpenter

J. Coleman H.-Hoskins

J. Wadmore-Seamen

A. Clement-Boy

J. Allen G. Cadick J.-Head

W. Stairs H. Waller-Firemen

G. Rolp W. Rolp-Trimmers

Looking out onto the Victoria pier are the memorials remembering those who lost their lives in thick fog when the “Normandy” of the Steam Packet Company a subsidary of the London and South-Western Railway sunk after a collision with the “Mary” 893 tons on the 17th March 1870 which is well documented . The “Mary” was on route from Odessa to Grimsby with a cargo of maize. 34 lives were lost.

Those of the crew that were lost

Those of the crew that were lost

Captain Henry Beckford Harvey born 1815 in Fontmell Magna, Dorset never left the bridge. His orders were “Ladies first!”. Great difficulty was experienced in prevailing upon the ladies – some without clothing – to enter the boats. When the “Havre” brought the saved to St Helier words cannot describe the anguish of those that learned of the loss of those nearest and dearest, Mr Advocate Westaway, on hearing of the death of his respected father, was so overcome that his friends had to remove him. It was Mr Westaway who very humanely assisted in saving Miss Clara Godfrey of Jersey. Captain Harvey’s last words were “row fast and clear off, for we’re sinking!”. The man at the wheel was called upon to jump into a boat as she passed to stern of the fast sinking ship. “No, I stick to my ship” he replied. We hear from the last man who left the ship that no person exceeded in coolness and courage or in attempts to save passengers than Mr Westaway. The passengers, until within three minutes of when the boat sank, were expecting the boats from the Mary, but these arrived too late, The “Mary” was very much damagedm and the big lifeboats of the Normandy entirely smashed. Only two boats were intact, The two boats were manned by five seamen and one fireman and eighteen of the passengers (11 females and 7 males) got into them, When the two boats left, the Captain was still standing on the bridge giving directions to the engineers and those under his command. There are eleven widows, twenty children, one mother and one grandmother who have been deprived of means of support, by this terrible calamity. The Normandy was only six years old, a paddle steamer propelled by engines of 238h.p. She was not insured. It is certain that Mr Westaway and Mr Kinlock might have saved themselves if they had preferred their own safety to that of others. Mr John Nathaniel Westaway, at his last moment when standing on the ill-fated ship, and asked to get into the boat of rescue, he exclaimed “No, I am in God’s hands”. How manfully Mr Westaway & Mr Kinlock saved others; how truly gloriously they died!, At the feet of the Captain stood a boy under the bridge called Clements. “We are sinking”, called the Captain to him, “Go with the Ladies, there’s room for you!” “No Sir” was the boy’s reply. “I stay with you”. Mr Cox and his firemen remained in the engine room faithfully obeying the Captain’s orders, and all died, Not a seaman left the ship, save those detailed by the commander to row boats. Greater discipline, sublimer abnegation of self, is not on record.”. Westaway gave up his seat on the lifeboat to Miss Albina Falle

Victor Hugo on the loss of the “Normandy” 1870
The captain died like a stoic. He was called Harvey. A large vermillion face, white whiskers, and good brave eyes. Three years ago I was onboard his ship.. The English fleet was at Sheerness for the Viceroy of Egypt and Queen Victoria. Some ladies were on board the “Normandy” wished to see the fleet, and begged me to express this desire. It was two hours out of our course. They said “Tell the captain you wish it.” “But ladies,” I answered, “a French ship would not do such a thing for me.” Captain Harvey heard this. He cried, “What a French ship will not do for Victor Hugo an English ship will,” and he put up his helm and showed me the fleet whilst the Queen was showing it to the Khedive. This amiable man was a hero. He died superbly. He saved the people he could, and remained behind to perish. I tell you all this. I am sad.

John Nathaniel Westaway memorial

John Nathaniel Westaway memorial

The Westaway memorial unveiled in 1875 was paid for by public subscription and was built by the sculptor Pierre Alfred Robinet born of Paris 1814-1878 and was originally sited at the weighbridge and moved a few years later to its present site.

"The loss of the Normandy" fund for the widows and orphans:

Jurat Le Bailly
Col. Knatchbull
Mr. N. Allain
H. L. Manuel
C. G. Renouf
Captain Burney
W. G. Aubin
Advocate G. C. Bertram
Mrs De Quetteville
Reverend Allen Rees
P. Le Rossignol
Advocate Durell
F. Marshall
C. G. Simonet
J. Le Gallais
S. M. Buttfield
C. Le Lievre
E. D. Le Couteur
A. De Gruchy & Sons
Chase & Vonberg's list
Wm. Gaudin Esq

C. W. Robin
J. H. Robin
Captain P. Briard
C. O. Cross
Captain West RN
John La Cloche Esq.
Wm. W. Thompson
Mr & Mrs Fower
G. R. Radford, Principal officer HM Customs
F. J. Le Riche
Mrs Larbalestier senior
Captain J De Caen
J. W. Deal
Thomas Millais
Mrs Helleur
F. Bertram, Beaulieu
Mrs Gooddy
W. Gaudin
J. Le B. Chevalier
Mrs Chevalier, Don street
Mrs Col. Menzies
G. P. Charleton
Mrs Macpherson
Mrs Lawe
A. H. Gda'n
R. Clarke Esq.
J. F. Gaudin
Mrs Cattlow
Collection Baptist Chapel
P. and F. De Ste. Croix
H. J. Andrews
Col. Swan
P. S. S. C.
Ed. Gallichan
G. S. Brett
J. La Cloche

W. P. Blandy (per Dr. Bull)
Reverend C. Wilder, Great Bradley
W. Mair
J. Sparkes
Miss Miller
Mr and Mrs Lewis Browse
Esnouf and Mauger
S. Malo
Issac Malzard
Miss A.E. Collis
John Lewis
Dr. Black
R. Chapman
E. Robin, Paris E. Robin
E. Bouillon
Captain Gaudin, Pier
Servants at the York Hotel
A. H. D.
B. D.

Dr. Leigh
Dr. Dand, of Buxton
Charles Tallis
Major J. N. Gosset
Miss Louisa Gosset
Mr. And Mrs. Gosset, Bagot
Philip Payn
John La Brocq, La Fontaine
St. Jame's Collection
Clement Sorel
Charles D. Sorel
Sarah Golden, St. Leonard's on Sea
Reverend D. M. Lempriere
E. J. Bellingham
Edward C. Gallichan
Mrs Nicol, Claremont House
W. S. H.
Two Orphans
Mrs Rudd, Doncaster
E. S. D.
John Cooke, Esq., St. Brelade's Bay
Lieut. General Lane, C.B.
Francis Price, Esq.
General Campbell, Alphington House
Miss Vynne
William Baker, Bocage
R. G. Handcock
Walter Stericker, London
F. Stericker
Gifts per J. C.
Proceeds of Amateur Concert -

Reverend R. F. E.
Dipple and Shipman
J. G. and J. Pilcher and Sons, London
John Voisin
Members of the "Oyster Club"
Philip Sorel
Crowden and Garrod, London
F. Arthur, St. Ouen's
N. P. Le Messurier
J. S. D.
T. W. Clarke, Collector HM's Customs, Boston
John Lee, Trinity
Miss Julia Quesnel
C. Durell
Mrs. C. Durell
W. Fruing and Co.
Philip Luce
W. H. W.
R. Garratt, junior
E. Payn, St. Martin's
Dr. Le Gros

Mr Grandin
A Friend
Miss Le Vesconte's School
Reverend Philip Filleul
Collection Wesley Chapel, Grove Place
Offertory at Gorey Church
Mr. William Bligh
T. M. H.

Over 860 pounds sterling in contributions

The loss of the "Normandy"
The Harvey testimonial fund

Dr. J. Fixott
A. Struthers, Esq.
G. C. Bertram
Admiral Sherer
Captain Saumarez RN
Captain Melville Jackson, RN
Charles Hodgkinson, Esq
Reverend E. Guille
In Memoriam
F. G. Patterson, St. Andrew's
J. Robson, St. Andrew's
A Friend
A. Claperton, Brooks Hotel
T. Brooks, Brooks Hotel

Over 10 pounds sterling

Wesaway memorial

Wesaway memorial

A neglected public sculpture

A neglected public sculpture

In recent years I have noticed the deterioration on the Westaway monument, and in 2011 I contacted the authorities about my concerns and I received a very quick response and I was informed it would be looked into immediately. Well nothing has happened and the monument is looking in a very sorry state, I should imagine this sort of neglect is only going to lead to extra costs when and if any conservation work is to take place.

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