Villa “Les Rhumbs” acquired by the Dior family in 1908, and is where Christian Dior grew up, the house was given the name because of a compass rose design on the floor of the house, as in “Rhumb line” the house borders one side of the cemetery. The grounds only were open when I was there, there is also a path with a viewing platform down to the beach below, the coastal path used to run along the coast but it was controversially closed not long ago and one has to make a detour along an inner road. From a letter sent in 1941 to the German Kommandant requesting clearance for supplies to Jersey I know my grandfather Jean-Louis Jouault had a house nearby “Villa L’hirondelle” on Chemin des Falaises, at the start of the 20th century he was in negociations with Lucien Dior and Emile Riotteau who were both involved in the commerce and local government regarding the provision of a boat link from Gorey, Jersey to Granville and a train link to Paris, this scheme would have needed improvement of facilities in all areas and never materialised. Jean Louis’s sister Madelaine 1880-1938 married Charles Riotteau (son of Emile) 1875-1954 who represneted France at shooting in the 1924 Olympics, their two daughters Noella and Nicolle became best friends and worked with Christian Dior . On looking at the Dior genealogy I find there were two marriages with Jouault’s so perhaps the families had always had some sort of knowledge of each other, although I have no trace of these Jouault’s on my tree. Back to cemetries what I had found a little strange and there may be a very valid reason for it is that the main Dior’s appear to have been buried across the town in the cemetery of St Paul.


Pictured is one of the Dior graves at St Paul’s, Lucien Dior senior and family are buried near here. This was a rather disappointing cemetery for any family connections as I could find any, although I found the odd surname I could not link them, so another trip will be spent looking for names such as Blin, Cardin, Dupont, Le Blanc, and Pichard.

For those looking for cemeteries, graves or wanting to record them the following site is worth using: Find a Grave