Having enjoyed my visits to the Granville cemeteries I had decided to continue the theme and visited Mont Parnasse and later on I went to Montmartre and out of the two I certainly found Mont Parnasse the more scenic and to me interesting, although many of the graves meant very little to me so I was pleased to come upon Alexander Alekhine (1892–1946) Russian born world chess champion who died suspiciously in Portugal. The mixture of tradional and artistic graves in an open setting made walking around the well kept paths added to the experience. I look forward to visiting Père Lachaise cemetery on my next Paris visit.



A striking stone highlighted by the bareness of what I think is Virginia creeper.


An artists piece left as a shrine.


This sculpture is the centre piece of the cemetery and is entitled “Genie du Sommeil Eternel” or “Angel of Eternal Sleep”. The 1889 bronze piece is by Horace Daillion (1854-1937). It depicts a male angel with a bouquet of flowers.