La Poete in Jardin du Luxembourg



After leaving the Jardin du Luxembourg I could see there was a small museum for the artist Ossip Zadkine 1890-1967 nearby on rue d’Arrass it is tucked away and I at first walked past it, and even then it is small converted house (where he once lived). There are a few of his works outside int he garden, being late in the day I was not sure if it was open, I entered and was welcomed by the friendly staff, it was free entry, as a charge is only made when an exhibition is on, there is a collection box for donations which I contributed to on leaving. It only takes a short time to see.


Human Forest


Head with lead eyes

After visiting here I walked around and came upon the Musee de Cluny which was about to close, and so I shall have to return another day, there were a couple of interesting shops nearby for outdoor pursuits but the prices were very expensive. I then headed back and ended up on the Rue de Seine and there were several restaurants nearby which were too busy for my liking, and instead I walked around some of the art galleries on the street, interesting works but with ridiculous prices.


Head of a man

Looking at some of Zadkine’s work it makes me wonder why there is a lack of sculptors in Jersey given that the island has a history of stone and wood workers, there are some examples on buildings, but Jersey statues are mostly casts in bronze done outside the island, or with the modern works imported stone. The stone dressing and wood workers are dying trades in the island, it is a shame that they have not been encouraged and supported better.


Head of a woman