I arrived in Paris a few days after the November attacks so the city was rather chaotic with high security and sirens sounding pretty well non stop, the Eiffel Tower had been closed in a mark of respect and was reopened whilst I was there so I decided to have a look at the illuminations on a rainy evening.


Tim Willcox BBC world news

I also paid a brief visit to the Place de la Republique to see a media circus tented around the fringes with throng of those paying their respects around the statue, with a cyclist riding around getting himself on screens around the world, it did seem odd having watched reporters on the TV each morning and then to see them live in person and trying to hear what the latest news was, I think it was the following morning I decided not to listen to the news and went out on my travels and spent the day mostly at Jardin du Luxembourg and I received a number of text messages asking if I was okay, replying – “fine relaxing in the park with lovely sunshine” only to return back to the hotel later in the day and find out I had just passed below one of the incidents on the metro.


French Cavalary

I entered the park and spent a brief time watching a couple of chess games in progress, then a mounted ceremonial troop came in for a brief rest, they had an armed guard so I did not get too close, and they departed fairly quickly, part of the park was closed off for security reasons so I was unable to see where they went off to.

I was lucky with the weather and not many people about, the park have a variety of statues from Queens of France, authors and poets, and a couple of modern pieces all had some sort of interest be it visually or historically.

Pmary stuart

Mary Stuart Queen consort 1859-60

P3 stat

Greek Actor by Baron Charles Arthur Bourgeois (1838-1886)


Le Marchand de Masques by Zacharie Astruc

Masks of famous writers, composers, and artists: Victor HugoLeon Gambetta, Jean-Baptiste Corot, Alexandre Dumas son, Hector Berlioz, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, Gabriel Faure, Eugene Delacroix, Honore de Balzac, Jules Barbey d’Aurevilly.