Zadkine Museum Friday, Mar 18 2016 


La Poete in Jardin du Luxembourg



After leaving the Jardin du Luxembourg I could see there was a small museum for the artist Ossip Zadkine 1890-1967 nearby on rue d’Arrass it is tucked away and I at first walked past it, and even then it is small converted house (where he once lived). There are a few of his works outside int he garden, being late in the day I was not sure if it was open, I entered and was welcomed by the friendly staff, it was free entry, as a charge is only made when an exhibition is on, there is a collection box for donations which I contributed to on leaving. It only takes a short time to see.


Human Forest


Head with lead eyes

After visiting here I walked around and came upon the Musee de Cluny which was about to close, and so I shall have to return another day, there were a couple of interesting shops nearby for outdoor pursuits but the prices were very expensive. I then headed back and ended up on the Rue de Seine and there were several restaurants nearby which were too busy for my liking, and instead I walked around some of the art galleries on the street, interesting works but with ridiculous prices.


Head of a man

Looking at some of Zadkine’s work it makes me wonder why there is a lack of sculptors in Jersey given that the island has a history of stone and wood workers, there are some examples on buildings, but Jersey statues are mostly casts in bronze done outside the island, or with the modern works imported stone. The stone dressing and wood workers are dying trades in the island, it is a shame that they have not been encouraged and supported better.


Head of a woman


Paris 2015 continued Thursday, Mar 17 2016 

I arrived in Paris a few days after the November attacks so the city was rather chaotic with high security and sirens sounding pretty well non stop, the Eiffel Tower had been closed in a mark of respect and was reopened whilst I was there so I decided to have a look at the illuminations on a rainy evening.


Tim Willcox BBC world news

I also paid a brief visit to the Place de la Republique to see a media circus tented around the fringes with throng of those paying their respects around the statue, with a cyclist riding around getting himself on screens around the world, it did seem odd having watched reporters on the TV each morning and then to see them live in person and trying to hear what the latest news was, I think it was the following morning I decided not to listen to the news and went out on my travels and spent the day mostly at Jardin du Luxembourg and I received a number of text messages asking if I was okay, replying – “fine relaxing in the park with lovely sunshine” only to return back to the hotel later in the day and find out I had just passed below one of the incidents on the metro.


French Cavalary

I entered the park and spent a brief time watching a couple of chess games in progress, then a mounted ceremonial troop came in for a brief rest, they had an armed guard so I did not get too close, and they departed fairly quickly, part of the park was closed off for security reasons so I was unable to see where they went off to.

I was lucky with the weather and not many people about, the park have a variety of statues from Queens of France, authors and poets, and a couple of modern pieces all had some sort of interest be it visually or historically.

Pmary stuart

Mary Stuart Queen consort 1859-60

P3 stat

Greek Actor by Baron Charles Arthur Bourgeois (1838-1886)


Le Marchand de Masques by Zacharie Astruc

Masks of famous writers, composers, and artists: Victor HugoLeon Gambetta, Jean-Baptiste Corot, Alexandre Dumas son, Hector Berlioz, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, Gabriel Faure, Eugene Delacroix, Honore de Balzac, Jules Barbey d’Aurevilly.

La Rocque and fish trap Friday, Mar 11 2016 


Today was fine and settled after what has been a very wet start to the year, coupled with a rise and fall of tide of 11.8 metres I decided to go for a walk down the main gutter below La Rocque Harbour and look at something I had discovered a couple of years back. The harbour was built in the early 19th century to shelter the fishing boats that fished around the south east coast and Les Minquiers where they would stay for up to a week and fish for lobsters and then return their catch and have it transported by boat and train to London. When the harbour was built it was said that 40 boats were using the area.


The photo above is taken from the lower part of the gully looking back towards the harbour


Eelgrass – Zostera marina

Once you are at the bottom of the gutter it opens up to plains of sand and rocks dotted around there is plenty of areas to explore and find some of the above pictured, eelgrass is on the IUCN red list and is in decline, it suffers from a wasting disease and pollution, there were notable losses locally due to disease in  the early 20th century. It was also once a popular filling for matresses and known as “Palliasses”.

The area is also a haven for birds and at this time of year we have over wintering Brent Geese who will shortly be leaving for the Artic to breed, and Red Breasted Mergansers, I did not see any terns but Sandwich terns can be seen all the year round, and Common terns will be arriving from warmer climes next month.

The line of stones in the middle of the sand are man made and originally when I saw them some years back I thought they may have been a track for carts, but I now think they are some sort of fish trap (Pêcherie), there is another line of stones barely visible on this picture, they are just behind the reef.


Fishtrap ?

Paris 2015 Tuesday, Mar 1 2016 

My first day in Paris and I arrived at the train station and took a little while to obtain my metro pass which had been simple on my previous trip in that I just purchased it at a desk, I now needed to get a passport type photo and fill out a short form, and I obtained a card in a solid plastic holder. Before leaving the station I signed the condolence book for the victims of the recent attacks which is to be stored in the Paris Archives. I booked into my hotel the Ibis budget La Villette, on Avenue Jean Jaures. I then set off to Pere Lachaise Cemetery which was one of the few places I had decided to go to before my arrival.

pere lachaise

I had me guide book to guide me round which showed me the most notable graves, but I soon got sidetracked to some of the more interesting places, and I came across a number of Polish exiles which I have with limited success tried to find out more about them, but there are several that I have not been able to trace, one bonus was to find a list on google ( Almanach historique; ou, Souvenir de l’émigration polonaise) of those in Paris, which also included a few listed in Jersey several of whom I had not recorded, and it also gave there rank in the army.


Klementyna Tańska

Polish childrens author Klementyna Tańska and so called “Mother of the Great Emigration” is situated in an area of the cemetery where several other Polish exiles can be found.


Theodore Morawski

Sadly I did not get to see all of the cemetery as the rain came down and I went off to visit elsewhere in Paris.

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