My first visit to Caen. I stayed near the train station which is a 10 minute walk into the centre, I arrived on sunday morning and found a large market there that was worth looking around as the stalls were varied and numerous. I came across a variety of sculptures of interest and here are some of them:

caen nap

Louis XIV by Louis Petitot

Originally placed in 1828, the statue by Louis Petitot was smelted by the Germans and replaced in 1963.

caen lady

“La Parque” by Claude Quisse

“La Parque” by Claude Quisse is situated by the offices of the Conseil de Basse-Normandie, although situated in a pretty courtyard I think it would be better placed int he open as natural backlighting would highlight its form as you can see with the hair with the sky behind.


This was one of collection of statues “One man, nine animals” 1999 by Huang Yong Ping again very good works not best situated in my view as they are tucked away behind the restaurant

caen american

“Unconditional surrender” by Seward Johnson

Not one I particularly liked but an interesting history in that feminists are campaigning against this statue “Unconditional Surrender” by Seward Johnson on loan from New York, it represents a photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt, This is well sited being between the war museum and the hospital.

There is also a statue of Bertrand Du Guesclin but because of his actions against Jersey I think it best not to glorify this person! But perhaps on my next visit I shall inflict some national retribution upon the statue and plant a Jersey flag on top of it.