I did a fair bit of unplanned walking with one thing and another and this was due to my not having any plan or notes of where I was going to go, I decided to have a browse of the fishing tackle shop I had visited last year I knew the name of the road was Grenelle and I soon found Boulevard de Grenelle so I looked high and low along the lengthy road and eventually gave up. I did find some antique shops whose prices were way beyond my pocket even if I had been interested. Eventually I gave up and headed off to have some lunch, then whilst looking on a map I realised my mistake and found a Rue de Grenelle some distance away, I had taken a wrong turning, I really struggle to get my bearings in Paris I am not sure if it is my bad navigation skills in a city or that the numerous maps that you see around do not have north at the top or where you actually are can be difficult to work out the bearing of where you want to head, even when I have familiar landmarks in sight I appear to go off my route.


One afternoon after I needed to rest and relax and found Parc Monceau in my guide which said it had a number of follies in an English themed garden,  so decided to have a look and it certainly was worth a wander around and I was happily enjoying and photographing the view of the colonnade which is the main feature of the park, I looked round and this fellow was jogging and panting away in a slightly exaggerated fashion and I initially thought why is someone impersonating Sarkosy in a parc and coming towards me, then it dawned on me it really was him so I said a hurried hello and he gave a nod and wave back in acknowledgement, a while later I saw him again posing with some oriental tourists I tried to catch up with him but he was off again and left the park, not surpisingly everything went a bit down hill for him after he saw me with him appearing in court in Bordeaux.


There are a number of statues and follies in no particular order, this one is of Frédéric Chopin 1810-1849 who lived in Paris in his later years and is buried at Père Lachaise Cemetery .