The burning of Granville painted by Jean-Francois Hue

The French Revolution of 1792 saw change and  the “Reign of Terror” there was also to be a counter revolution involving the Royalists in the “Battle of the Vendée” this of course led to many people fleeing France at the time and for many years later as the country went through this very unsettled period of brutal change in the name of democracy. Jersey was to play a major part in that it became a refuge for those fleeing the percecution and insecurity that ensued this no doubt was why my Wimbée ancestors arrived in Jersey at this time from the Verdun area, and is perhaps why the Jouault’s (3 brothers and a cousin) were to make Jersey their home at the start of the 19th century. There is an interesting account of Jean-Pierre Fleury’s  time in Jersey (click on name for link to PDF)

The battle or “Seige of Granville” was part of the military operation known as the “Virée de Galerne” (North-west wind) which  took place on the 14th November 1793 when the Royalist army of Vendée also known as the “Chouans” advanced through Normandy the plan was to take over a port to enable their English allies to land and assist them, they were aware they were nearby but not sure where, they were in fact in Jersey. St Malo was totally defended so they decided to lay seige and attack Granville, in the process Rue des Juifs was set alight and a bloody attack mounted that was to last for some 28 hours, but chaos errupted when one of the attackers (most likely an infiltrator) shouted out that it was a trap, and the force eventually retired and retreated. In the process a number of townfolk including the mayor were killed, they are named on a plaque erected in 1910 at the town gate as follows:

Jacques Francois Clement Desmaisons (Mayor)

Jacques Avril

Jean Avril

Jean Bourey

Jacques Butot

Pierre Dereaux

Raphael Dodard

Pierre Durand

Pierre Franquet

Louis Herpin

Pierre Herve

Julien Huaut

Michel Jourdan

Jacques Lebuffe

Nicolas Lecomte

Pierre Lecuyer

Julienne Levigoureaux

wife of Godard

Guillaume Lorbehaye

Pierre Morband

Julien Philippe

Michel Rosay

Nicolas Ruel

Pierre Sebire

Pierre Sibron

This last name may well be Pierre Sibron 1773 the brother of Rosalie Sibron 1775-1855 who married my Pierre Philippe Jouault 1766-1841 a taillor from Mesnil-le Thebault.

Door to the walled town

Door to the walled town