Just returned from a break in France sadly the card for my camera at the start of the trip died so some of the more interesting photos appear lost at present.

I attended a conference in La Hague which is on the Cotentin peninsula to the north east of Jersey,  I had made contacts here last year and was pleased to make a few more, and hopefully I will get there again next year.

I stayed two nights at the Hotel Chantereyne in Cherbourg which is not far from the town centre and next to the marina, which worked out well apart from the noise on saturday night when someone parked nearby and decided the whole area needed to hear their boom boom music, late night noise is something that many French hotels appear to attract. On the sunday I spent a few hours at La Cité de la Mer which currently has a Titanic exhibition, as you enter the building you see some relics and information on the “Battle of Cherbourg”   this was a major incident at the time which created a great deal of interest in Jersey not least beacuase the action was said to have been heard from the island. I then went onto the Titantic exhibition which was very well done and worth going to see if it is something of interest to you, then I browsed the aquarium and the displays on diving to the depths of the ocean. Finishing with a tour of the former nuclear submarine which has been dry docked.

I then caught the train to Saint-Lô with a visit to the Archives de la Manche this was my first visit to the town, I stayed near the centre at La Crémaillère a very pleasant and clean place but there was no matress as such and no plug for the sink, which are the sort of basics you expect in a place, on the two ights I stayed there I ate down by the river, both meals were okay are no more.